Additional Products

We are able to source any items that you may require, and look at this as an added service to our customer base. Some of the products we can supply include.

Loose polystyrene chipsLoose fill Polystyrene chips - Ideal for lightweight protective packaging, solid board, pre molded corner protection strips, available in Various lengths.

Polystyrene and cushion foam inserts and moulds Polystyrene and cushion foam inserts and moulds - Perfect for square cubic product protection.

PaperPaper - Single faced, Corrugated rolls- Virgin and imitation Kraft paper foam or on a roll.

PolythenePolythene - Pallet/stretch wrap with or without extended cores. Variety of bags open tip or self seal "Document enclosed" pouches.

PolypropelenePolypropylene Strapping - Machine or floor application. (Varying torque/break strengths). Hand held crimp tong's and metal strapping seals/clips.

Adhesive TapeAdhesive Tapes - Standard 48mm x 66m meters, buff or clear polypropylene or vinyl, plain or printed, specials, gummed, Crossed woven tapes, Low Noise.

Utility ProductsUtility Products - Padded bags/bubble bags/ pouches. Especially suited for small loose parts or documentation protection.

Static ControlStatic Control - Polythene bags/bubble bags/pouches, especially suited for protection of sensitive electronic components.

TubesTubes - Standard 50 mm diameter postal tubes (others available) Plastic end caps.